Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary solutions for creative and
artistic pursuits

The missing link

Daalee incorporates a design thinking approach to develop, market and manage artistic endeavours using digitally enabled infrastructure, creative strategic management and an artist first approach. Our mission is to enhance the communication and organisational capabilities of artists and arts organisations so they are able to reach the right people and expand their practices in line with their vision.

Rooted in a mission to serve the cultural and creative communities that engage with socially engaged, diverse and experimental practices, we aim to create expansive manifestations of artists and organisational engagement, development and production. 'Daalee', translated means 'branch'. Embodying the capabilities and complexities of ecological design we aim to utilise a grounded, holistic and supportive approach to arts and cultural management.

Value Manifesto

Design Thinking
Empathy centered design to artist management, content development and editorial services
An integrated belief in a multi-polar, diverse and complex mode of operation and engagement
Global Vision
Contextually rooted, locally engaged and globally connected

Our approach

A multi-dimensional, pluralistic and community-centered practise that drives their vision from a need to bridge the gap between multiple polarities in the performing arts sector today. We aim to bridge the gaps between artists and their audiences. Key to our model is to design services that add value to the various ways in which artists engage artistic and commercial projects to expand their practise.

holistic design thinking

Trained in a design thinking methodology for management and engagement Daalee's artist-first strategy works to enable artists to co-create management, design and editorial plans to serve their vision. Consciously navigating complexity and changing momentums Daalee aims to create a space for artist expression, reach and mission to expand beyond their independent means.

customised management solutions

We believe in deep customisation for each artistic endeavour. No two projects have the same goals, vision or instruments, making solutions that 'fit industry standards' a minimising strategy that we avoid. Daalee is rooted in developing a deep understanding of the reason a project is created, drawing solutions to match it's foundation and expand as it grows.

evidence supported approach

Research, consultation and consent are foundational keys of Daalee's approach to artistic management and support. This is fuelled by a need to create a more equal, ecologically safer and culturally diverse performing arts landscape globally.

Daalee's Manifesto

Started as a freelance project by artist manager, designer and writer Aakanksha Sidhu, Daalee is an intention that has evolved into an entity of it's own. Aakanksha's career has moulded their practise and reach to come together with creatives from across the world and find a gap that she immediately felt motivated to fill. With networks in Australia, Singapore, India and London, Aakanksha hopes to stretch Daalee's reach to support, engage and promote independent artists in the space of sound, music, contemporary and modern dance, theatre and the intersections of these forms in interdisciplinary and experimental ways.

Daalee acknowledges that it meets, works and travels on the lands of First Nations peoples. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and to all First Nations peoples.