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Artist Management

Artist Management

At the core of Daalee's services is an artist management project that enables artists to create, tour and perform their craft to audiences on and offline.

artist management, development & expansion

Daalee envisions a future that affords performing artists across genres and diverse fields to be able to create a dynamic, global and profitable career. We offer creative business solutions to help artists master their career trajectories with the use of design thinking solutions catered to the individual's unique business requirements. We create customised projects, strategies and guidelines that enhance the artists or organizations individual style, aesthetic, reach and audience. We offer a range of diverse situational and planning services that enable artists to think entrepreneurially while authentically maintaining their artistic integrity. Whether for short or long term endeavours, Daalee helps artists branch out to global stages.

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Management can look different for each artist we choose to work it, in that regard, below are some areas of expertise covered by Daalee to enhance artistic careers and development.

Artist Development Services

Obsessed with vision, creative collaboration and sustainable execution

Daalee enables artist to execute their vision by contributing to their creative vision from an entrepreneurial lens without losing the artistic integrity that makes a practise unique, this can involve:

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